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    By researching, practicing & promoting Cambodian cuisine, Malis aims to safeguard the nation’s food heritage for years to come.

    CambodianLiving Cuisine

    Bringing Cambodian cuisine back to life.
    Cambodian Living Cuisine has evolved from Master Chef Luu Meng and his team embarking on countless expeditions through remote provinces, to unearth recipes of old and bring them back to life.
    Embracing traditional cooking techniques but experimenting with flavours and textures, Malis Restaurant delivers a tantalizing array of authentic Cambodian dishes with fresh ingredients like you have never tasted before.
    Enjoy the finest Cambodian dining experience in Siem Reap where the secrets of the past are now available for everyone to share.

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    Cambodian cuisine is famous for its unique blend and harmony of spices.
    What makes Cambodian cuisine so good is the amazing array of fresh ingredients and Malis prides itself on using produce from local organic farms as much as possible.
    Bang Kang, a fresh river lobster and a variety of fish are sourced straight from the Mekong, while our succulent crabs are delivered daily from Kep and Kampot. Vegetables and herbs are grown along the Tonle Sap, pork raised in the Takeo province, and our duck farmed in Siem Reap. Spices and fruit trees grow in abundance across the country, along with Cambodia’s most important and award winning ingredient, rice.

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    As well as exquisite Cambodian Cuisine, Malis Restaurant offers a sophisticated and elegant setting.
    Overlooking the Siem Reap River, diners are treated to a delightful ambiance with a stunning garden, water pond and area for apsara dance performances. The beautiful interiors are inspired by the temples of Angkor boasting high ceilings, grey stone and a sense of space. Cambodian art and handicrafts feature throughout, embracing the local culture.
    The new restaurant will feature a dining area, bar and lounge downstairs with private dining rooms.

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    An unique blend and harmony of spices.
    While the Kingdom may have drawn on influences from its neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as India and China thousands of years ago, Cambodian food has its own distinct flavour.
    This ancient cuisine, handed down from mother to daughter, is famous for its delicate blend of herbs and spices. Cambodian dishes strike a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour and bitter flavours without being overtly hot and spicy.
    Due to the expansive waterways that carve their way through the countryside, in particular the Mekong, fish has always been a key ingredient as well as rice. In fact the main trademark of Khmer cuisine is prahok, a fermented fish paste, known for its pungent smell and unique taste.

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    A fabulous meal is not complete without the perfect wine to accompany it.
    Our extensive wine list at Malis Restaurant Siem Reap is constantly updated to ensure our cellar is stocked with the very best vintages from around the world. We source our wines from established vineyards in France and Italy, to new and innovative wineries in Australia and Chile, that pair beautifully with fine Cambodian Cuisine.

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    Malis Restaurant Siem ReapMalis Restaurant Siem Reap
    Pokambor Avenue, Siem Reap Riverside,
    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    +855(0)15 824 888
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