No. 136 Norodom Blvd , Phnom Penh, Cambodia +855 (0)15 814 888


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    Malis is a high-end restaurant which boasts a
    ‘Living Cambodian Cuisine’.

    Enjoy the finest Cambodian dining experience in Phnom Penh where the secrets of the past are now available for everyone to share.


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      Malis Restaurant Phnom Penh

      Call us at +855 (0)15 814 888 or fill out the form below. We are open every day of the year from 6:00am to 10:00pm.


      Malis Restaurant Phnom PenhMalis Restaurant Phnom Penh
      No. 136 Norodom Boulevard,
      Phnom Penh, Cambodia

      +855 (0)15 814 888
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      Malis Restaurant Siem ReapMalis Restaurant Siem Reap
      Pokambor Avenue,
      Siem Reap, Cambodia

      +855 (0)15 824 888
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